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🙋 FAQ - Vet

How do I disable the stupid banner?

  • Set environment variable VET_DISABLE_BANNER=1

Can I use this tool without an API Key for Insight Service?

  • Probably no. All useful data (enrichments) for a detected package comes from a backend service. The service is rate limited with quotas to prevent abuse.

  • Look at api/insights-v1.yml. It contains the contract expected for Insights API. You can perhaps consider rolling out your own to avoid dependency with our backend.

Something is wrong! How do I debug this thing?

  • Run without the eye candy UI and enable log to file or to stdout.

Log to stdout:

vet scan -D /path/to/repo -s -l- -v

Log to file:

vet scan -D /path/to/repo -l /tmp/vet.log -v