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GitHub Code Scanning Integration

GitHub supports uploading SARIF reports to enable repository and organization-wide visibility of security events across different tools. vet supports exporting policy violation reports as SARIF which can be uploaded to GitHub.

Using SARIF Reports​

To generate a SARIF report, use the vet command with the --report-sarif flag:

vet scan -D /path/to/project --report-sarif /path/to/report.sarif

GitHub Action​

vet has a GitHub Action to easy integration. Refer to vet GitHub Action for more details. The action produces a SARIF report which can be uploaded to GitHub.

Invoke vet-action to run vet in GitHub

- name: Run vet
id: vet
contents: read
issues: write
pull-requests: write
uses: safedep/vet-action@v1

Upload the SARIF report to GitHub

- name: Upload SARIF
uses: github/codeql-action/upload-sarif@v3
sarif_file: ${{ }}
category: vet

Full Example

Note: vet will only include policy violations in the SARIF report. A policy must be provided to vet using --filter or --filter-suite flag during scan. This is automatically included if you are using vet-action.

GitHub Code Scanning Alerts​

Once the SARIF report is uploaded to GitHub, policy violations will be available in the GitHub Security tab. This provides a centralized view of policy violations across different repositories.

GitHub Code Scanning Alerts