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🚀 Quick Start

vet Github Releases

  • Get an API key for the vet insights data access for performing the scan. Alternatively, look at configuration options for instruction on using community mode without API key.
vet auth trial --email [email protected]

vet register trial


A time limited trial API key will be sent over email.

  • Configure vet to use API key to access the insights
vet auth configure

vet configure


Insights API is used to enrich OSS packages with metadata for rich query and policy decisions. Alternatively, the API key can be passed through environment variable VET_API_KEY

  • You can verify the configured key is successful by running the following command
vet auth verify
  • Run vet to identify risks
vet scan -D /path/to/repository

vet scan directory

  • You can also scan a specific (supported) package manifest
vet scan --lockfiles /path/to/pom.xml
vet scan --lockfiles /path/to/requirements.txt
vet scan --lockfiles /path/to/package-lock.json

To list all available package manifest parsers run vet scan parsers --experimental

vet scan files