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⚡ Installing Vet

Here you can find different ways of installing vet. It covers various platforms, various architectures and the package managers.

Install Official GitHub Release Binary

The version given in the documentation may be older than actually released versions

curl -L -o vet.tar.gz
  • Unpack the downloaded archive using the following command tar -xvzf vet.tar.gz
  • Make sure the binary has execution bit turned on chmod +x ./vet
  • Move the binary in your system $PATH mv ./vet /usr/local/bin/

Install using go get


Ensure $(go env GOPATH)/bin is in your $PATH

go install

Install using Container Image

  • You can pull the vet official container image using docker pull
  • For scanning using vet container us the following command. Make sure to replace the yourcode-in-host with your local code directory which needs to be scanned
docker run --rm -it -v yourcode-in-host:/code scan -D /code

Install using Package Manager


  • You can install vet using homebrew for MacOS and Linux
brew tap safedep/tap
brew install safedep/tap/vet
  • You can upgrade vet using homebrew for MacOS and Linux
brew update
brew upgrade safedep/tap/vet

Install from source

  • You can install the vet from the source by cloning the official repository and building locally
git clone --depth 1 --branch main
cd vet
go install